Verifying your identity is an important step, which is necessary to:

  • Display "Identity verified" on your account
  • Receive transfers of funds you have earned

Verification is quick and easy:

  • Go to the Identity and Verification page:
    • Complete the information.
    • Send a clear photo of your ID, with the document fully visible.
    • Proof of address may be requested in certain cases. It must have the same address as indicated in your account information.
  • Go to the Connected Bank Account page:
    • Indicate the RIB of the account on which you wish to receive the funds. This account must be in the same currency as your subscriptions. (European account in euros for subscriptions in euros).

All done! Validation can take up to 24 hours. You can log into your account to verify that everything is ok.

Your received payments will now be transferred to your bank account automatically.